Wind Tunnel

Blower, Balance And Small Aspect Ratio Model, Water Flow Channel, Subsonic Wind Tunnel, Manometer Pilot Static Tube, Circular Cylinder & Aerofoil Pressure Distribution Models, Wind Tunnel Strain Gauge Balance, Supersonic Wind Tunnel, Mercury Manometer, Schlieren System & Shadow Graph System, Sharp Nosed And Blunt Nosed Models.

Strength of Materials

Hardness Testing Machine, Universal Testing Machine, Impact Testing Machine, Fatigue Tester Rotating Beam and Reverse Plate Bending

Fluid Mechanics

Venturimeter Setup, Pipe Friction Setup, Pilot Tube Setup, Jet Pump, Submersible Pump, Centrifugal Pump, Reciprocating Pump, Pelton Wheel Turbine & Francis Turbine, Viscosity Meter, Hele-Shaw Apparatus

Propulsion Lab

Piston Engine, Jet Engine, Forced Convective And Free Convective Apparatus, 2-D Travers In Mechanism, Free Jet Test Setup, Aluminium Plates With Deflection Mechanism And Ramjet

Thermodynamics Lab

Four Stroke Twin Cylinder Diesel Engine, Cut Section Model of Two Stroke Petrol Engine And Four Stroke Diesel Engine, Parallel & Counter Flow Heat Exchanger Test Rig, Refrigeration Test Rig, Air-Conditioning Test Rig, Conductive Heat Transfer Setup And Composite Wall.
Mullti cylinder 4 Stroke Petrol EngineTwin Cylinder Diesel EngineFour Stroke Diesel Engine