Automotive Components Laboratory

Multi Cylinder Petrol Engine
Multi Cylinder Diesel Engine
Petrol And Diesel Fuel Systems
Heavy Duty Vehicle Chassis Frame S
Light Duty Vehicle Chassis Frame
Front Axle
Rear Axle
Clutch And Gear Box
Steering Systems With Different Gearboxes

Fluid Mechanics And Machinery

Orifice Meter Setup
Venturi Meter Setup
Rotameter Setup
Pipe Flow Analysis Setup
Centrifugal Pump/Submergible Pump Setup
Reciprocating Pump Setup
Gear Pump Setup
Pelton Wheel Setup
Francis Turbine Setup Kaplan Turbine Setup
Wind Tunnel With Pressure Measuring Devices

Manufacturing Technology Laboratory

Centre Lathe
Shaping Machine
Slotting Machine
Radial Drilling Machine
Upright Drilling Machine
Milling Machine
Cylindrical Grinding Machine

Strength Of Materials Lab

Universal Tensile Testing Machine With Double Shear Attachment 10, 20, 40 Ton Capacity.
Torsion Testing Machine (60 Nm Capacity)
Impact Testing Machine (300 J Capacity)
Brinell Hardness Testing Machine
Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine
Spring Testing Machine For Tensile And Compressive Loads (2500 N)

Electronics And Microprocessors Lab

Pn Diode, Bjt, Jfet, Logic Gates, Shift Registers And Counters
Digital Logic Trainer Kits
Microprocessor Kits 8085
D/A Converter Interface .
Stepper Motor Interface .
Wavefarm Generator.

Automotive Electrical And Electronics Laboratory

Battery, Hydrometer, Voltage Tester
Starter Motor, Regulator, Cut-Out
Distributor, Ignition Coil, Spark Plug
Auto Electrical Wiring System
Rectifiers, Filters
Ic Timer
Data Logger
8085 Trainer Kit
Adc Interface Board
Dac Interface Board
Sensors Like Rtd, Load Cell, Lvdt
Actuators Like Stepper Motor

Engine Performance And Emission Testing Lab

Hydraulic Dynamometer
Eddy Current Dynamometer
Electrical Dynamometer
Single Cylinder Two Stroke Cut Section Engine
Single Cylinder Four Stroke Cut Section Engine
Two-Wheeler Engine Test Rig.
Automotive Multicylinder Si Engine Test Rig With Heat Balance Arrangement
Automotive Multicylinder Ci Engine Test Rig With Heat Balance Arrangement
Emission Measuring Instruments For Petrol & Diesel Engines
Piezo-Electric Pick Up, Charge Amplifier, Angle Encoder

Automotive Fuels And Lubricants

Fuel Analysis Test Apparatus (For Ultimate And Proximate Analysis)
Abels Flash And Fire Point Apparatus
Aniline Point Apparatus
Reid Vapor Pressure Test Apparatus.
Bomb And Gas Calorimeters
Carbon Residue Test Apparatus
Copper Strip Corrosion Test Apparatus
Cloud And Pour Point Apparatus
Redwood Viscometer
Saybolt Viscometer
Ash Content Test Apparatus.
Drop Point And Penetration Apparatus For Grease

Two And Three Wheelers Lab

Two Wheeler Chassis Dynamometer - 1 No.
Coil Spring Test Rig - 1 No.
Chain Tension Test Rig - 1no
Shock Absorber Test Rig - 1 No
Two-Wheeler Gearbox - 2 Nos
Two-Wheeler Clutch - 2 Nos
Three-Wheeler Brake Assembly - 2 Nos.
Three-Wheeler Steering Assembly - 2 Nos.
Three-Wheeler Gear Box 2nos

Vehicle Maintenance And Reconditioning Lab

Engine Analyzer - 1 No.
Cylinder Compression Pressure Gauge - 1 No
Vacuum Gauge - 1 No
Spark Plug Cleaner And Tester - 1 No.
Cam Angle And Rpm Tester - 1 No.
Tachometer - 1 No
Wheel Alignment Apparatus - 1 No.
Gas Welding Equipment - 1 No.
Tyre Remover - 1 No
Bearing Puller - 1 No
Head Light Alignment Gauge - 1 No.
Service Manuals Of Petrol, Diesel Engines - 1 No: Each
Cylinder Reboring Machine - 1no
Valve Grinding Machine - 1 No
Valve Lapping Machine - 1 No.
Fuel Injection Calibration Test Bench With Nozzle Tester- 1 No.
Hrd Tester, Clamp On Meter, Hydrometer -1 No: Each